Immunological devices are those relating to any portion of the immune system of the body. The immune system is the body’s defense mechanism against harm or invasion and is made up by the skin, lymph nodes, the spleen, adenoids, bone marrow, and immune cells circulating throughout the body.

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HMB X System

HMB X System

BioTech International, Inc.

BioTech's patented HMB System measures bacterial and fungal populations based on their chemical make...

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Luminex Corporation

The MAGPIX is a compact fluorescent based detection system capabale of multiplexing up to 50 differe...

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MDS 100 Molecular Detection System

MDS 100 Molecular Detection System


Food pathogen detector uses multiple, specific primers targeting distinct regions of the genome, com...

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PR2 Series

PR2 Series

Meso Scale Diagnostics LLC

Meso Scale Defense’s technology uses proprietary MULTI-ARRAY and MULTI-SPOT microplates with carbon ...

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Meso Scale Diagnostics LLC

The QuickPlex is capable of simultaneously measuring multiple threat agents in a single sample using...

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RAMP 200 Biowarfare Detection System

RAMP 200 Biowarfare Detection System

Response Biomedical Corporation

The RAMP system consists of two components: a disposable cartridge that houses an analyte-specific i...

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SMART-II Biological Warfare Detection Tickets

SMART-II Biological Warfare Detection Tickets

New Horizons Diagnostic Corporation

The SMART-II tickets are available for a panel of analytes.Once the sample is acquired, it is suspen...

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Seattle Sensor Systems Corporation

The SPIRIT is a rugged, portable, multi-analyte, instrument based on surface plasmon resonance (SP...

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