Protective suits range from fully encapsulating (and extremely limiting in mobility) to form-fitting and meant for specific, mobile activities. They are typically grouped by level of protection (A-D) and come in two primary classes: Carbon/Membrane Suits and Level A-D. Level A-D suits are defined by OSHA, and Carbon/Membrane suits are intended for military and SWAT-style use (when unimpeded mobility is required). CBRNE Tech Index does not include the more common white TyVek-style suits, as they are generally considered a level D coverall and not meant for extended field use.

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Chemturion™ BSL-4 Biological Safety Suit

Chemturion™ BSL-4 Biological Safety Suit

ILC Dover, Inc.

Biosafety Level 4 suit for use in hazardous environments developed for the U.S. Army’s Chemical Syst...

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EUROLITE ® CBRN Suit Standard

EUROLITE ® CBRN Suit Standard

Goetzloff GmbH

The EUROLITE® CBRN Coverall Standard is manufactured with or without integrated gloves and shoes. If...

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Goetzloff GmbH

The EUROLITE ® Cover Poncho with integrated hood to be closed with string fastener. Cover Poncho is...

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