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Differential media are bacteriological growth media that contain specific ingredients to allow one to distinguish selected species or categories of bacteria by visual observation. Differential Media are used to distinguish between closely related organisms or groups of organisms. Differential media contain compounds that allow some groups of microorganisms to be visually distinguished by the appearance of the colony or the surrounding media. Due to the presence of certain dyes or chemicals in the media, the organisms will produce characteristic changes or growth patterns that are used for identification or differentiation. This macroscopic differentiation of bacteria is based on the capability of the bacteria to carry out specific biochemical processes. Blood agar is one type of differential medium, allowing bacteria to be distinguished by the type of hemolysis produced.

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Brucella Blood Agar

Brucella Blood Agar

Anaerobe Systems

Pre-reduced anaerobically sterilized plated media for the isolation, quantitation and partial identi...

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908 Devices, Inc.

In 10 minutes, the 908 Devices Rebel provides qualitative data for amino acids, dipeptides, water so...

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Tryptic Soy Blood Agar

Tryptic Soy Blood Agar

Anaerobe Systems

Pre-reduced anaerobically sterilized plated media for the isolation and cultivation of fastidious an...

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