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Immunosensor devices are usually manufactured in the form of a test strip and use the specific interaction of target protein and antibodies to elicit a color deposition when the two interact. The devices operate on the principal of lateral flow immunochromatography in which the various background components are separated across an absorbent membrane into discrete regions. These devices allow for rapid presumptive identification of both biological organisms and toxins in 15 minutes or less and require minimal training. No sample preparation is required. Results may be read visually, although strip reading devices can be used to improve consistency of analysis. The devices are disposable, contain no moving parts, have a long shelf life, and operate in a wide range of temperatures. There are well-validated devices for numerous BW targets. Unlike nucleic acid based detection devices, the immunoassays have the ability to directly detect toxins. A disadvantage is that the devices are typically not as sensitive as molecular based detection devices, and they only provide qualitative, not quantitative data.

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Aegis 1000

Aegis 1000

BioDetection Instruments (BDI)

The Aegis 1000 immunoassay has an enhanced target-analyte capture efficiency due to an extremely hig...

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AquaScreen Bacteria Test Strips

AquaScreen Bacteria Test Strips

Silver Lake Research Corporation (SLRC)

AquaScreen test Strips were developed to detect bacteria in for pools and spas. They feature an inte...

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BADD™ (Biowarfare Agent Detection Devices)

BADD™ (Biowarfare Agent Detection Devices)

AdVnt Biotechnologies

The BADD™ test strips employ agent-specific antibodies to identify the potential threat. After prep,...

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BD Veritor™ Plus System

BD Veritor™ Plus System

BD Biosciences

Portable system used for rapid diagnostic testing.

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Abbott Laboratories

An over the counter rapid antigen test to detect both symptomatic and asymptomatic CoVid19 cases

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BioCheck Powder Screening Kit

BioCheck Powder Screening Kit

20/20 BioResponse

The BioCheck® Powder Screening Test Kit is used by first responders as a first step to investigate s...

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Bio-Detect Test Strips

Bio-Detect Test Strips

Alexeter Technologies LLC

Alexeter Bio-Detect Test Strips are intended to screen samples for biological threats. Based on late...

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BioFlash® Biological Identifier

BioFlash® Biological Identifier

Smiths Detection, Inc.

The BioFlash® Biological Identifier is a bio-aerosol collection and identification system. It uses C...

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Bio-Seeq Plus

Bio-Seeq Plus

Smiths Detection, Inc.

The Bio-Seeq PLUS is a portable high-precision instrument that detects trace levels of biological wa...

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QTL Biodetection LLC

The BIOSENSOR™ 2200R (developed by QTL Biosystems and sold in the United States by MSA) is an automa...

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BioThreat Alert (BTA) Test Strips

BioThreat Alert (BTA) Test Strips

Tetracore, Inc.

The BTA test strip employs agent-specific antibodies to identify the potential threat. After prep, f...

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BioThreat Alert Reader

BioThreat Alert Reader

Tetracore, Inc.

Testing for 1 of the 9 key bio threats with a BioThreat Alert Strip will produce 2 red lines to indi...

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Biothreat Detection IMASS™ Device

Biothreat Detection IMASS™ Device

BBI Detection

DISCONTINUED - The Biothreat Detection IMASS™ device provides rapid testing for ‘white powder’ incid...

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BioToxin Assays

BioToxin Assays

Acumen Detection

Acumen Detection’s patent-pending toxin assays deliver fluorescence based, near real-time, one-step ...

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COVID-19 IgG IgM Rapid Test Cassette

COVID-19 IgG IgM Rapid Test Cassette

Mercedes Scientific

The COVID-19 IgG/IgM (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma) Rapid Test Device utilizes lateral flow technology t...

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Cue Health Monitoring System

Cue Health Monitoring System

Cue Health, Inc.

The Cue Health Monitoring System is an in vitro diagnostic medical device for use with test-specific...

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