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Raman spectroscopy is a technique that measures the energy of photons generated by the inelastic scattering of monochromatic excitation photons. During excitation, photons interact with the electron cloud of an analyte and a small percentage of these photons undergoes a change in energy as a result of the interaction. This energy change corresponds with molecular vibrations, rotations, and other low-frequency modes and is plotted by instrumental operating software to produce a spectrum. Raman spectroscopy is often described as a complimentary technique to FTIR because both techniques are used to probe vibrational energy levels although different selection rules allow FTIR and Raman to interrogate different sets of molecular vibrations. Raman scattering is an inherently low probability phenomenon and as such, the Raman scattering cross-section of a particular analyte will generally be several orders of magnitude less than the corresponding FTIR absorption cross-section. Practically, this means that the sensitivity of Raman spectroscopy is lower than FTIR spectroscopy. There are several advanced Raman spectroscopy techniques that generate a stronger Raman intensity when compared to spontaneous Raman scattering such as Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS), Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) and Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS).

Raman instruments are available in a variety of configurations.  The most common instruments are bench top models but a wide variety of portable and handheld models are also available commercially. Instrument cost ranges from approximately $10,000 to approximately $100,000.

Advanced Nano Technologies (1)
Agilent Technologies (6)
Agiltron (2)
Airsense Analytics (1)
Alakai Defense Systems (1)
Anton Paar USA, Inc. (3)
B&W Tek (1)
Bay Spec (6)
Bio Tools (3)
Bruker Corporation (1)
ChemImage Sensor Systems (2)
Chemring Detection Systems (2)
CloudMinds Technology Inc (1)
Coda Devices, Inc. (2)
Environics Oy (1)
Field Forensics, Inc. (2)
FLIR Systems, Inc. (1)
GE Measurement and Control (1)
Horiba Scientific (2)
IMRA America Inc. (1)
InPhotonics, Inc. (3)
Intevac (2)
Jasco, Inc. (1)
Metrohm (7)
NucTech Company Limited (1)
Optosky Photonics Inc. (3)
Pendar Technologies (1)
PKI Electronic Intelligence (1)
Real-Time Analyzers, Inc. (2)
Rigaku Analytical Devices (6)
SciAps, Inc. (6)
Serstech (1)
Smiths Detection, Inc. (3)
Snowy Range Instruments (2)
StellarNet (1)
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (10)
TSI, Inc. (6)
Zolix Instruments Co. Ltd. (1)
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Bio Tools

The µ-ChiralRAMAN-2X is a dedicated commercial spectrometer for the measurement of Raman Optical Act...

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100 ID

100 ID

Environics Oy

The Environics 100 ID is a handheld 785nm Raman spectrometer designed to identify solid or liquid ch...

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Smiths Detection, Inc.

The ACE-ID is a handheld Raman identifier for solid & liquid explosives, precursors, narcotics and t...

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Horiba Scientific

AnywhereRaman™ all-in-one unit combines a spectrometer, a laser, a TouchRaman™ BallProbe®, and an on...

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TSI, Inc.

The ASSURx is a handheld Raman analyzer with a gun-style, point and shoot design. It weighs about 5 ...

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Optosky Photonics Inc.

The ATR6200 is a handheld Raman spectrometer with a 785 nm laser. Also available in a high sensitivi...

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Optosky Photonics Inc.

Optosky's handheld Raman analyzers are available with a 785 nm (model 6500) or a 1064 nm (model 6600...

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Bruker Corporation

A hand-held Raman spectrometer with patented fluorescence mitigation SSE™(Sequentially Shifted Excit...

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Snowy Range Instruments

CBEx is a handheld Raman spectrometer with 785 nm excitation laser for non-contact analysis of liqui...

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CBEx 1064

CBEx 1064

Snowy Range Instruments

Handheld Raman spectrometer with 1064 nm excitation laser for non-contact analysis of liquids, gels,...

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Coda Devices, Inc.

The CDI 1M is a portable Raman spectrometer designed for law enforcement. It can detect up to 4 comp...

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Coda Devices, Inc.

CDI 2 is a handheld Raman analyzer able to identify up to 4 compounds and their relative percentage ...

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Chem 500

Chem 500

SciAps, Inc.

The Chem-500 is a contact Raman for military and law enforcement. It features continuous and preset ...

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SciAps, Inc.

The CHEM-200 is handheld Raman analyzer with a 785 nm laser with continuous and preset adjustable la...

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Cora 100

Cora 100

Anton Paar USA, Inc.

The Cora 100 is a handheld Raman instrument for point-and-shoot measurements for unknown substance i...

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Cora 5X00

Cora 5X00

Anton Paar USA, Inc.

The Cora 5X00 is a transportable single or dual-wavelength benchtop Raman spectrometer. Single-wavel...

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