A survey meter’s primary goal is to detect the presence of radioactive contamination in the form of alpha, beta, gamma, or neutron particles or x-rays. Typically, the devices are handheld, point-and-shoot, battery powered, and light for ease of use in potentially harsh environments. Meters measure the radiation in terms of a count or radiation dose. Counters are specific to one or two particles and indicate the presence of said particles with clicks or an alarm. First responders use the device to determine if an emergency resulted radioactive contamination. The devices allow the operator to determine the type of radiation and the amount so as to properly handle the situation.

Apantec, LLC (2)
Arrow-Tech, Inc. (2)
Automess (4)
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) (5)
Bertin Corporation (1)
Bruker Corporation (3)
Defentect (2)
D-tect Systems (6)
EADS Sodern (1)
HazChem, LLC (1)
Haztech Systems, Inc. (1)
Kromek Group plc (2)
Leidos (1)
Ludlum Measurements, Inc. (5)
Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA) (1)
Mirion Technologies (12)
NucSafe (1)
Ortec (Ametek) (7)
Overhoff Technology Corporation (7)
Polimaster, Inc. (1)
RadComm Systems (4)
RADeCO (1)
Rapiscan Systems (1)
S.E. International, Inc. (10)
Sensor Technology Engineering, Inc. (1)
Smiths Detection, Inc. (1)
Technical Associates (3)
Teledyne FLIR Detection, Inc. (4)
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (6)
WB Johnson Instruments (6)
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Radioactive Particle (88)
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>15 minutes (7)
Other (7)

Supporting Data Available

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Other (41)


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Dust (20)
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Extreme Temperatures/Humidity (23)
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4007A Survey Meter

4007A Survey Meter

Arrow-Tech, Inc.

DISCONTINUED: The Model 4007A Survey Meter is new version of the Model 3007A. It is enclosed in a f...

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6150AD Series Dose Ratemeter

6150AD Series Dose Ratemeter


The 6150AD is a PTB approved dose rate meter built-in GM counting tube serves to measure photon radi...

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Mirion Technologies

The Aegis is a portable Radionuclide Identifier (RID) based on a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detec...

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Air Monitor

Air Monitor

Technical Associates

Model AIR-TBM is used to monitor alpha, beta and gamma from radioactive materials in the air. The AI...

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ALADOX Digital Dosimeters

ALADOX Digital Dosimeters


The ALADOX is a gamma and X-ray Detection system for personal monitoring. Standard model includes t...

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AMP Radiation Monitoring System Series

AMP Radiation Monitoring System Series

Mirion Technologies

Offered in a wide range of measurement ranges, the AMP series of area radiation monitors provide rea...

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S.E. International, Inc.

The CDV700 is a Geiger-Muller survey meter for gamma and beta detection.

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Mirion Technologies

The Colibri is a hand-held dose rate and survey meter that can be used with multiple probes. The Col...

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Kromek Group plc

A combined Gamma and Neutron PRD that protects against the exposure to nuclear materials. The handhe...

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Detective X

Detective X

Ortec (Ametek)

The Detective X uses high purity germanium (HPGe) as a radioisotope identification device (RIID) wit...

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Ortec (Ametek)

The Ortec Detective is a battery operated PINS system with neutron source for identification of chem...

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Ortec (Ametek)

DETECTIVE-X Trans-SPEC Edition is a portable high purity germanium detector for in-situ measurements...

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Digilert200 Survey Meter

Digilert200 Survey Meter

Arrow-Tech, Inc.

The Digilert 200 measures alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. Its digital display shows readings in your...

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DSI-2 series

DSI-2 series

Technical Associates

The DSI-2 instruments are designed specifically for use by inspectors and guards, police and hazmat ...

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DSM 500 Series

DSM 500 Series

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC)

The DSM-500 is a microprocessor-controlled instrument with an digital display and the capability for...

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DSM 501

DSM 501

WB Johnson Instruments

The internal 1" x 1" plastic scintillator has a close to tissue-equivalent response and has an overs...

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