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MRIGlobal’s newly renovated Engineering Laboratory Suite includes a Prototype Lab, Electronics Lab, Sensor Lab, and Machine Shop.

Some of the special features found in the Engineering Laboratory Suite include a 3D production machine in the Prototype Lab that can produce test parts designed on a computer; special utilities designed to control static, dust, and other contaminants in the Electronics Lab, and laser-based systems in the Clean Room.

MRIGlobal has modern and fully staffed engineering capabilities for development of device prototypes, rapid prototyping, limited production, and device assessments. MRIGlobal completely renovated its engineering laboratories in 2007, creating a series of state-of-the-art workspaces for mechanical prototyping, electrical design, sensor development, aerosol engineering, and testing and evaluation of large (bench-top) and small (field-portable) devices. The mechanical prototyping facility supports MRIGlobal’s proven ability to manufacture prototype devices and execute limited production runs (~ 50 units) with the highest level of quality and within tight schedules. The 1,092‑ft2 facility is equipped with fume snorkels for local dust control and distributed power (110 and 200 V) and data connections. The electrical fabrication facility is isolated from the mechanical facility to control dust, fumes, and static; it consists of 868 ft2 of space, is equipped with three soldering stations, and features additional general purpose space.

In addition, MRIGlobal has established a low-cost prototyping and fabrication shop for producing a variety of parts and components for prototype equipment, project instrumentation, and materials testing. Equipment includes an Kent USA - TW-32QI Acurite-3500i CNC Bed Mill, an Acer 1340G lathe, an Objet Eden250 3D printer, and other standard shop equipment. The shop staff has broad experience in fabricating parts for equipment, ranging from delicate, sophisticated instrumentation, to heavy-duty, highly reliable items for production line equipment. This expertise provides the versatility required for the variety of applied research and engineering projects requested. MRIGlobal has also established strong relationships with many prototyping vendors that can quickly react to provide support.

MRIGlobal's engineering experience includes repackaging or modifying form factors of a product/sensor for specialized applications, product/sensor integration into larger system suites, and product ruggedization for extreme conditions and improved portability.