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Quality Assurance

MRIGlobal’s policy is to meet or exceed client expectations. We listen to our clients and translate their needs into action. We continually improve our skills and processes in order to ensure excellence and efficiency in our work and to achieve sustainable growth. We nurture spirited interaction and open-mindedness in our search for new and better ways to solve client problems. Honesty and good judgment are imperative in our interactions with our clients and each other.

MRIGlobal’s quality system consists of its organizational structure policies, procedures, processes, and resources needed to implement and continuously improve quality management in its technical and business operations. Details on the operation of the quality system are given in the MRIGlobal Quality Manual. The goal of MRIGlobal’s quality system is to meet or exceed client expectations while increasing our competence, size, and financial viability. MRIGlobal's Kansas City Headquarters and its facilities in North Kansas City, Charlottesville, and Gaithersburg are ISO 9001:2015 certified, indicating that the quality management system meets specific requirements that demonstrate MRIGlobal’s ability to consistently provide products and services that meet client and applicable regulatory requirements.

Project Management

Project management at MRIGlobal encompasses processes to provide clear and thorough communications with clients, perform balanced responses to cost and schedule demands, and deliver exceptional products and services. Our proven methods and skills are the result of more than 65 years of success and continuous improvements. Over the past three years, MRIGlobal has applied these tools to successfully manage more than $1.1 billion of client services for research and development, management, and operations. MRIGlobal currently employs over 20 PMP certified staff, with additional staff obtaining certification each year.

Structured project management disciplines at MRIGlobal encompass all tasks required to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close projects. The specific steps include: defining key stakeholders, project scope, and a work breakdown structure (WBS); assigning and loading resources to scheduled tasks; and managing changes to scope, costs, and schedules. Particular outputs include the project execution plan, (integrated) master schedule or IMS, WBS, staffing plan, risk management plan, and earned value measurements.

Our project management is a powerful assurance that work will be completed on-time and on-budget. Complex work with challenging goals and aggressive targets can increase the risk for delays and cost overruns. To mitigate this risk, we regularly communicate with project team members–including subcontractors and client contacts. We initiate preventative and corrective actions by early detection of deviations between progress and targets and by control gate decisions between project phases.

Risk management steps encompass several components, and the approach applied will be proportional to the complexity of assignments. Risk subjects may include technology challenges, schedule and cost demands, systems engineering, Earned Value Management, logistics, quality, and safety. We understand and reduce risks to acceptable levels of probability and of impact by using technology tradeoff analyses and mitigation steps.