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 Nanotechnology-based sensors are based on fundamental nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, nanowires or nanoparticles. They can be used to detect trace amounts of chemical vapors. Due to their extremely small size, just a few gas molecules are sufficient to change the electrical properties (e.g., resistance and capacitance) of the sensing elements, making it possible to detect very low concentrations of specific chemicals.
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Carbon Nanotube Sensor

Carbon Nanotube Sensor

Design West Technologies, Inc.

Wearable, disposable carbon nanotube sensors with integrated electronic systems using an advanced de...

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Chemical Agent Monitor

Chemical Agent Monitor

Design West Technologies, Inc.

Discontinued - TIC1000-L is a portable chemical detection and identification system that enables on-...

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Enzyme Coated Carbon Nanotubes

Enzyme Coated Carbon Nanotubes

Applied Nanotech, Inc.

Enzyme coated Carbon Nanotubes (ECNT) are miniaturized enzymatic biosensors for medical, environment...

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Metal Nanoparticle Sensors

Metal Nanoparticle Sensors

Applied Nanotech, Inc.

Currently only available as a palladium nanoparticle based hydrogen gas sensor. The sensor is mounte...

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Pilot 4.3

Pilot 4.3


DISCONTINUED. The Pilot is an analytical instrument used for the detection and monitoring of trace g...

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