A type of luminescence, fluorescence is the emission of visible light by a substance as a result of prior absorption of light or electromagnetic radiation. When a molecule is exposed to light or radiation, its valence electrons absorb the energy and jump to a higher energy state. When an electron relaxes back to its ground state, it emits a photon with a longer wavelength than the original light or radiation absorbed. A molecule that displays fluorescent properties is known as a fluorophore. Fluorophores will have specific excitation and emission ranges and play roles in a wide variety of applications such as lighting, analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, biochemistry, medicine, microscopy, and forensics. Fluorescence offers sensitivities as low as parts per trillion because often only one excitation wavelength is used and only one emission wavelength is detected, offering incredibly high selectivity.

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AFS Aerosol Fluorescence Sensor

AFS Aerosol Fluorescence Sensor


The Aerosol Fluorescence Sensor (AFS) uses separate measurements on different parts of the fluoresce...

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Air Sentinel™ 1000B

Air Sentinel™ 1000B

Teledyne FLIR Detection, Inc.


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Bio Trak

Bio Trak

TSI, Inc.

The basis of the BioTrak Particle Counter is Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) technology. Various ce...

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BioHawk Plus

BioHawk Plus

Research International, Inc.

The BioHawk Plus is based on two technologies: the SASS collector and RAPTOR™ detector. The aerosol ...

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Discontinued: Camthrax is a biothreat screening instrument for first responders. Camthrax is a batt...

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Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrometer

Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrometer

Agilent Technologies

Cary Eclipse can switch between fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence, and bioluminescenc...

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Current system is based on the excitation/emission profile of DPA, a spore-specific compound. As suc...

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Amtech Aeronautical Limited.

The C-FLAPS is a fluorescent laser aerodynamic particle sizing detector which uses the FLAPS III (33...

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CFX Touch Series

CFX Touch Series

BioRad Laboratories, Inc.

The Bio-Rad CFX Touch is a real-time PCR detection system for use with SYBR dyes or Taqman probes. T...

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PositiveID Corporation

The MicroFluidic System branch of PositiveID has developed a series of cartridges for biological sam...

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ENVI Bio Scout

ENVI Bio Scout

Environics Oy

ENVI BioScout™ provides a robust and sensitive bioaerosol detection solution that continuously monit...

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BD Biosciences

Flow cytometry technology adapted for use with bacteria, yeast, mold, and others. Automated sample p...

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Firefly Dx

Firefly Dx

PositiveID Corporation

The Firefly Dx system combines a single use sample prep and reagent PCR cartridge with a bluetooth e...

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The GeneXpert® is a cartridge based sample preparation and real-time PCR analysis system. The GeneXp...

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Genie® II

Genie® II

Ansera Analytics (S2)

Genie® II is an instrument that supports any isothermal DNA / RNA amplification method employing flu...

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Genie® III

Genie® III

Ansera Analytics (S2)

Genie® III was designed for deployable molecular diagnostics. It is smaller and lighter than Genie® ...

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